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News + Diary






Our busy winter season is now over for this year, it’s been a very successful time again for Glenora Weaving & Wool thanks to the many wonderful customers who visit our stands at the textile functions we attend, your support is really appreciated.

The Australian Sheep and Wool Show was a terrific event again! Our congratulations to all the entrants and winners in the wool-craft competitions at Bendigo, especially Helen Robbins, Sonia Forsyth and Lorraine Sprague who won Glenora Weaving Gift Vouchers for their skilled and attractive entries. Ashford NZ had their new Jack Floor Loom on display at this show, it’s a lovely loom with several extra practical features and I’m sure it will be very popular with the serious weavers. Check out their website for Kate’s excellent tutorial on using this loom, they also have many other how-to videos and information, it’s a great site www.Ashford.co.nz.

Our annual Equipment Sale is now on with some great bargains on drum carder, reeds, blending boards and spinning and weaving accessories. All these items are listed below (and on our Specials page) but be quick as the bargain prices are for floor stock only! We are also offering a 5% discount during September on all other Ashford equipment valued over $200 plus free shipping. Please phone or email us for more details or a free copy of the Ashford wheel and loom brochure or their popular wheel magazine.

More information for the weavers, have you seen the on-line Weavers Forum which is very efficiently organized by Helen Halpin? This quarterly newsletter is full of details on the Australian and New Zealand weaving scene plus info on workshops, exhibitions, and pre-loved looms for sale! Contact hhalpin@ozemail.com.au for more details.

Our staff often have enquiries from new weavers regarding the epi of our yarns, so we have compiled a list of suggested setts for lace, plain or twill weaving here. Don’t forget that we are always happy to assist with any queries on your spinning, weaving, felting or knitting projects by phone or email, we like to offer very personalized service to all our customers!

Please check out our website for more information, our catalogue and price list, product photos, sample cards or use the shopping cart to order on-line.

Enjoy your textiles!




Phone 02 4234 0422 




Floor stock items only at greatly reduced prices!


 Ashford wild carder  including all accessories $560
 Knitters loom stand  30cm / 12" timber $165
 Inklette loom  warp length 1.8m $60
 Drum carder standard  8" wide - fine $605
 Weaving frame  timber – small $40
 Blending board  three available $195
 Rigid heddle reeds 32"  12.5 or 15 dpi $30
 Loom threading hooks  metal with handle $6.50
 Cardboard warp strips  all types $5 per 20
 Timber skeiner  extra large $95
 Raddle kits  12" 16" 24" from $50
 Timber pickup sticks  86 or 76cm $5 each
 Maintenance kits  all wheels $20
 Wheel threading hooks  Ashford timber $6.50
 Traditional flyer & bobbin  single drive $55
 New ball winder
 one only $40
 Tensioned lazy kate  three available only $60
 Weaving starter kit  includes yarns $75

Plus 5% discount on all spare parts for wheels and looms 






Our 2017 show dates have completed - stay tuned for 2018! 




Phone 02 4234 0422