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The latest issue of Ashford Wheel is now available, with many interesting articles, patterns and
projects, it's great reading - please ask for a COMPLIMENTARY COPY with your next order!

Cotton chenille yarn

Cream only

$7.50 per 100g

Corriedale sliver

Stripey blends

$16.50 / 250g

Alpaca loopy yarn

Natural cream

$15.00 / 100g

Opal sock wool

Free pattern

$18.00 per 100g

Circular sock needles

25cm - 6 sizes

$12.50 each

Carded alpaca/merino

Cream only

$13.50 per 100g

Hy-craft rug wool

12 colours

$40.00 kilo

Ashford wool - 8ply

35 shades

$9.00 per 100g

Silk caps and hankies

Natural cream

$6.50 / 20g pack

Alpaca 4 ply yarn

6 colours 

$18.00 per 100g

Needle felting kits

Children's packs

$8.50 each


Cream fibre blend

$15.00 per 100g

Ashford textile books

Selected titles

$25.00 each

Lovikka wool 16 ply

Great colours! 

$16.50 per 100g

Silk yarns 20/2 and 60/2

Natural cream

$22.50 per 100g

Cream merino tops 22m 

Australian processed

$28.50 / 500g

Handwoven and Spin-off

Back issues

$14.00 each



If you need any help with products or advice with a project,

please contact Christine:



Phone 02 4234 0422